Budget Gaming PC Build in Pakistan
Budget Gaming PC Build in Pakistan

Budget Gaming PC Build in Pakistan Under 50000 2024

A gaming PC is a simple computer built specially for gaming and highly intense graphic tasks. A Gaming PC mostly offers a Dedicated Graphic card, More RAM, a Higher Processor, and faster storage than a regular PC. The Processor is much faster in gaming PCs to run high-graphic games and render them smoothly.

Most Gaming PC cases are Transparent and have RGB lights in them to enhance the user feel while playing the games. These cases look more Elegant and aggressive and change the lights automatically.

Difference Between a Gaming Computer and a Regular Computer

The main difference between a gaming PC and a regular PC is that the gaming PC has a dedicated Graphics card (GPU) while the regular PC has an integrated graphics card. Gaming computers can handle high graphic games and video rendering tasks easily while the regular PC can suffer while doing these tasks.

Gaming computers generally have more RAM, fast storage, and more processing power than regular PCs.

Can We Do day to day Tasks in Gaming PC

Yes, you can do all your daily routine tasks on a gaming PC more efficiently. A gaming PC is faster than a regular PC. You can use the Gaming computer as a daily driver to faster up your daily tasks.

There are two types of gaming PCs available in the market. One is Ready made Gaming PC and one you can make according to your needs and tasks. You can build your own gaming PC according to the specifications you need and according to the design you want your gaming PC to look like.

There are several types of cases and Skins available in the market for gaming PCs. You also get everything to build a gaming PC from the market easily.

In this article, we build a gaming PC in Pakistan in 2024. I make the Budget gaming PC build in Pakistan for under 50000 PKR in this blog. So without wasting any time let’s build a pc together.

Building a Gaming PC in pakistan 2024
building a gaming PC in Pakistan in 2024

Budget Gaming PC Build in Pakistan Under 50000 2024


  • Processor: i5 4th Generation.
  • Motherboard: Model H81 2 RAM Slot board with 4 SATA Drive option to install. Up to 8GB of any graphic card you can install in this motherboard.
  • Memory: 16GB (8GB + 8GB) RAM (1600 MHZ).
  • Memory Type: DDR3L.
  • Storage: 128 GB SSD Storage and 500 GB HDD Storage (7200 RPM) are used in this build.
  • Power Supply: 500 Watt and with 80+ Bridge.
  • Case: Normal Case used in this build but if you increase some budget you can also adjust a gaming case with this build.
  • Graphic Card: AMD Radeon RX 560X 4GB Memory, 128 Bit, comes with GDDR5 and 1024 Cores and dual fan option.

Gaming PC Build Price in Pakistan

Processor7000 PKR
Motherboard6500 PKR
RAM 16GB6000 PKR
SSD Storage3000 PKR
HDD Storage2000 PKR
Power Supply Unit5000 PKR
Case Normal2500 PKR
Gaming Case (Extra Optional)12000 PKR to 20000 PKR
Graphic Card18000 PKR
Total50,000 PKR
Build a Budget gaming PC in Pakistan 2024 Price List

So this is the budget gaming PC build in Pakistan under 50000 PKR. All the parts used in this build are of high quality and some parts are new so don’t worry about the performance of this build. You can easily run GTA V and do daily Intense rendering tasks using this PC.

So Let me know your thoughts about the budget gaming PC build in Pakistan 2024 in the comments section below and tell me about the next build you are looking for of any range.

Peace 🙂

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