How to Earn Money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping
How to Earn Money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping

How to Earn Money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of selling other people’s products and earning a commission by selling other’s products. Dropshipping Business is increasing day by day in the local as well as international markets. You can earn a lot of money by selling third-party products on your website or Facebook marketplace or using other methods.

Everyone can start his own dropshipping business without investment or very low investment. Because for dropshipping business you do not need any inventory for selling products.

Dropshipping is a very easy process of selling products because you do not need any effort from shipping companies or go to suppliers ETC. Once the order is placed by your customer you can simply send the details to your suppliers to ship the product to your customer’s place. Once the order is completed you will get your commission to your Bank account.

Dropshipping is very easy because you can send only details to your supplier and your supplier is responsible for every shipping and fulfillment process.

There are many methods of doing dropshipping. But today I want to show you the best and Zero investment method on how to earn money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping.

Earn Money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping

HHC Dropshipping is a Dropshipping Platform that connects dropshippers, Suppliers/Vendors, and courier Companies in one Place. HHC Dropshipping has many latest products that you can list on your platform whether it is your website Facebook Marketplace or any other platform.

There are many products in HHC Dropshipping with wholesale rates you can see the product in HHC Dropshipping with shipping cost then you can enter the product price with your profit and then list that product to your Selling Platform. There is no limit on how much you can sell the Product. You can add your Profit to the product according to your choice and sell the product in the market.

Once the product is sold HHC gives you the profit on the product you sell. HHC is responsible for the shipping and fulfillment of all the products.

How to Start with HHC Dropshipping

Register with HHC Dropshipping:

To Become a Dropshipper in HHC Dropshipping first register yourself in HHC Dropshipping by entering details of yourself(Phone Number, Name, Whatsapp Number, Email, Bank Account & Your CNIC Card Images). Once you enter all your details HHC Verify your details and you are ready to go to sell Things.

How to Register with HHC Dropshipping

Login to HHC Dropshipping:

Once you Register yourself successfully and HHC Verifies it successfully then you can log in by entering your details (Username/Email, Password) and you are able to see all the products and offerings.

How to Login to HHC Dropshipping

How to Sell Using HHC Dropshipping:

Once you Log in to HHC you are able to see the Products there you can choose a product and see all the product information like Product price and product price with shipping and then add the profit you want and list it to your selling platform. In HHC you can also get the product images and Videos which you can download with a simple click.

HHC Dropshipping also sends items to your products with your store name, not HHC’s name that is a very good option for the dropshippers to make a brand with your Store Name. Once the Product is sold you can place an order on the HHC Website and there is an option to enter your profit there you can add your profit and customer details and when the order is placed successfully you will get the profit in your bank account what you add when you register to your account.

How to Find the Trending Products in HHC:

There are a lot of products on the HHC Platform but if you want to be successful in dropshipping go for the Trending new products that are problem-solving for the customers and with the lower price and add offers to your products to attract customers to buy your products instantly.

How HHC Ships Products to Customers:

When you place an order to the HHC Platform you have the option to choose the courier Either TRAX or Leopard. When the order is placed the HHC is responsible for shipping the product to your customers. In the HHC Dashboard, you can also see the status of your profits and the Status of the shipment Regularly.

How to Boost Sales with HHC Dropshipping

1. Creating a Website:

To boost sales and get a higher social presence for your store you need to get an E-Commerce Website. The website Gives the customer a professional look and feel for your online store. You can list products as many as you can on your website and it is very easy for your customer to buy his favorite things with the website you can easily get order details from your customer on the backend of the website. Customers place an order to your website and you get the complete details about the order with the help of the website.

For Dropshipping you can get a Shopify Store to easily create and manage a E-commerce website. Shopify is a platform specially designed for dropshippers and for 3 months, you can charge only $1/month for the Shopify account.

How to Create a Shopify Store:

It is very easy to create a Shopify Store. You can simply buy a domain name for your business. A domain name is the name of the website which can be searched by google like is the domain name by google. You can buy a domain from GoDaddy or any other platform you like and it costs you 3500 PKR for 1 year.

After Purchasing a Domain you need to buy a Shopify account by going to Shopify and setup your domain with Shopify by simply adding the A record of Shopify to your domain. After all these settings are configured you are now able to create your store without any hesitation.

To create a Store go to the Themes option in Shopify choose the layout you like and install that theme. There are various themes in Shopify some are paid and some are free I Recommend you go with the Free theme Firstly after your Store grows and you increase your sales go for the premium one.

After Installing the theme Customize it according to your Style and add images and content that you want to add by simply going to customize and edit the page.

After Setting up your store professionally go to the HHC Dropshipping and choose the trending Product download the images and Description add it to your Products Section add a product in Shopify and publish it.

Now your product is Successfully Added to your website.

2. Make a Facebook Page:

After making the Website you need to create a Facebook Page with the same name and add the products to the Facebook page as well.

How to Create a Facebook Page:

To create a Facebook page log in to your Facebook account and click on the pages section. After going to the pages there you will find an option to create a Facebook page. Click on Create and add the details of the Facebook page make sure to create the Facebook page the same as the name of the website.

After Creating a Facebook page list the product on the Facebook page as well.

To boost sales in no time you need to run Facebook ads that let you reach the audience and increase your sales in no time.

3. Run Facebook Ads

After creating a Facebook page you need to run Facebook ads to reach and target the audience to buy your products instantly.

How to Run Facebook Ads

To Run Facebook ads you need to create a Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads account that will be created simply with your Facebook account signup. After Creating Both accounts go to the Facebook ads Manager and Create a New campaign set up the ads campaign identify the audience you can target for the product and start running ads.

Add the Website link with your product so that users buy the products from your website which helps you to increase your website authority as well as your Facebook authority.

How to Run Facebook Ads

To Boost Sales I recommend you create a Video of the product with the help of Canva if you are a beginner and create the best and most attractive creative that helps your user to buy your products instantly.

Running Facebook ads will cost you some money but it can increase your earnings by 300 – 500%.

So this is the way how to earn money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping instantly. You can earn as much as you can with the help of HHC Dropshipping. I recommend you make your profit less in the start after your brand is increasing you can add more profits to your products.

So Let me know your thoughts about How to earn money in Pakistan with HHC Dropshipping in the comment section below and what you are looking for. WP Asset Hub is Always here to help our readers with their issues.

Peace 🙂

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